What do I need for my child’s Swimming Lesson?

When your child begins swimming with Leisure World, you will need to make sure they bring key swimming products with them, to take part.

They will need to bring their own suitable swim wear, these can be purchased from our Zoggs shop next to welcome zone. Ideally swimwear shouldn’t extend beyond their knees as this can have impact on their ability to swim.

Googles – which you receive as part of the start up fee or available at our Zoggs shop, are a good idea for children starting out in stage 1 and above, they will help protect their eyes and can help them see easier underwater, increasing their swimming confidence.  It is also great if they can learn how to put them on themselves.

Your child for each swimming lesson stage will be issued a coloured swim hat.   This helps the teachers to identify their students in the lesson, and lifeguards can easily spot any child in trouble.

At the end of the lesson don’t forget your towel to dry off.  You can use the showers in the changing room, remember to bring your shampoo and shower wash.

All other swim aids and equipment needed for your child’s swim lessons will be provided by the swimming teachers.

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