Personal Trainer Matt H

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Matt H


What kind of trainer am I? 

I want to help kick start your journey of creating the vision you’ve always wanted. My style of training is resistance focused, starting you with the foundations and building confidence into your fitness journey. Whether it be muscle gain or weight loss, my goal is to encourage good habits, practices and overall showing you that lifting heavy can be enjoyable and even addictive!  

Why should you train with me?  

Let me help you break the cycle of sessions with no direction. Having a healthy lifestyle is something I want everyone to aspire to do and training is always more fun when there is a goal to achieve. 

PT Matt H

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30 minute sessions

One session | £22.50

Course of 12 sessions | £230.00

60 minute sessions

One session | £35.00

Course of 12 sessions | £360.00