Top 5 badminton tips for beginners

The badminton grip

Your grip is crucial when choosing your racket.

When holding the racket, have a relaxed grip and try not to grasp it too tightly. Having a flexible wrist will enable you to perfect both forehand and backhand shots.

Game planning

Even as a beginner it is good to incorporate some strategies into your game. When starting badminton with minimal skills, it is good to recognise your opponents’ weaknesses and use them to your advantage to catch them out.


Badminton requires agility, it is good to try out some other activities to improve your stamina which could benefit your game. Jogging is ideal for providing knee strength which allows your knees to cope with fast paced badminton.

Increasing flexibility and range of motion is great for benefiting your game, why not try yoga or Pilates inspired classes.

Keep central base position

After playing a shot it is always good to return to central position on the court. You will be more likely to reach your opposing shots.


You should always round off your game by cooling down. Finishing as you begun, a gentle walk around the court and light stretching is a good way to cool down. Holding stretches for around 30 seconds.

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