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Adult Climbing Sessions

Scale new heights with our climbing sessions

During supervised sessions there will always be an instructor present to supervise, teach and assist climbers. Harnesses, helmets and belay devices are supplied free of charge.

Climbing shoes can be hired from reception and chalk balls can be purchased for an additional £3.00 each.

Adult supervised / social climbing: (16+)

There is always a qualified instructor present during these sessions to teach climbers all the necessary skills needed for indoor wall climbing, or just to offer a belay should they need a partner to climb with.

For those that are new to the sport and require instruction and supervision, the centre runs two sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. During these sessions climbers have the opportunity to work through a list of skills and gain the experience that will eventually allow them to safely climb on top rope without supervision if there is the wish to do so.

If the climber is a complete novice then it will be suggested that they attend a minimum of three sessions with us before the climber can climb unsupervised. The exact period will be determined by the progress made and when both the instructor and the participant both feel that they are competent in the skills required to climb safely.

Once enough experience is gained and consolidated then climbers will have the additional choice of booking onto the unsupervised sessions held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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