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Group Fitness Classes Timetable

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  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Thursday
  1. 21st June Class
    Active+ Multi Sports
    Active+ Multi Sports
  2. 22nd June Class
    Race Pace
  3. 24th June Class
    Circuit Class

Group Fitness Classes Etiquette


Customers are requested to adhere to the following:


  • Please wipe down your fitness equipment after use utilising the sanitiser provided.
  • During classes, please keep conversation to a minimum as this can be distracting to the instructor and other class participants.
  • Keep mobile phone use to a minimum during the class (silent mode during all classes).
  • Suitable clothing to be worn while exercising (no muddy trainers or outdoor shoes).
  • If you are 5 mins late for a class, you will be denied access due to safety measures and to reduce disruption to the class.
  • No bags and personal belongings may be taken within the exercise studios. All personal items must be stored within the lockers provided (located in the changing rooms).
  • Suitable drinks and containers only – e.g. No glass bottles and open containers etc.
  • Please do not obstruct fire exits.
  • Food and chewing gum is not permitted during the class.
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