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Cycle Track

The 1-mile floodlit closed road cycle circuit is perfect for road cycling of all abilities. With multiple individual circuits the track can be rode by novices and cycling enthusiast alike. Users are welcome to bring their own bikes.

If you want to be one of the first to ride around the new cycle track

Use your Leisure Card to book now. If you do not have a Leisure Card, register online.

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GO-Ride Cycling Schools & Learn to Ride

Our Learn to Ride area is free to use to public! Please note during coaching sessions and cycle events using the cycle track, the Learn to Ride area will be closed to the general public*

You will be able to sign up to road cycling programmes from GO-Ride.  

  • For adults – British Cycling’s Learn to ride programme helps adults new to the sport of Cycling to learn new skills. 
  • For children – With a designated Learn to ride area, children can learn to ride using one of our balance bikes. These bikes have no pedals to help teach the art of balance.  

Once a child is ready to transition from a balance to pedal bike, one of our qualified instructors will teach them how to pedal and break safely.

  • Coaching for school children – With staff and volunteers providing knowledge and practical experience, to help you learn British Cycling techniques essential for teaching school children.  


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Cycling Clubs

Cycling clubs will be able to use the 1-mile cycle track for training and competitions. Hiring My Lap timing system, and timing hut options are available.

If you’re interested in using the track for a club get in touch with us!

More details about Cycling Clubs will be announced soon.

Cycling Sportive

Sign up to one of our mass-participation cycling events.

With a variety of challenges taking place on our cycle track and on open roads, our Cycling Sportives are perfect for cyclists looking to challenge themselves, bikes are also available for hire. 

More details about Cycling Sportives will be announced soon.  

Cycling Pump Track

Pump cycling is perfect for riders looking to improve their upper body strength. These are pumped to generate momentum, BMX bikes are also available for hire to use on the track. There are 2 different tracks on offer and venues are available for hire.

Adult Prices:

  • Adult per Session: £5.00

Junior* Prices:

  • Child per Session: £4.00

*Please note: parental supervision is required for juniors.

Use your Leisure Card to book now. If you do not have a Leisure Card, register online.

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Cycling Led Rides

Join one of our cycle rides which is led by a qualified instructor. Off-road and on-road routes are available for various abilities and speeds.  

More details about Led rides to be announced soon.  

Disability Cycling

Cycling sessions for people with disabilities will be available at the cycle track. With accessible cycles making cycling available by removing barriers, we can provide the opportunity to allow everyone to cycle independently, with their family or as part of a group.  

More details about Disability Cycling will be announced soon.

Cycling Competitions

The 1-mile cycle track will be perfect for local, regional and national events, coordinated with local clubs and British Cycling. Venues are available for hire. 

More details about Competitions will be announced soon.

Cyclocross Racing

Test yourself with Cyclocross racing. Taking place in the autumn and winter, Cycle Cross consists of many laps of a short course.  

A variety of routes will be laid out for clubs, groups and individuals.  

More details about Cycling Cross will be announced soon.

Bike Hire

Bike hire is available for individuals and families, for use on the road track, pump track, learning to ride and recreational hire.

The prices listed below are for hiring bikes to use around the Sports Park

Adult Prices:

  • Bike Hire per hour: £7.50

Junior* Prices:

  • Bike Hire per hour: £4.00
  • Balance Bike Hire per hour: £3.00

The prices listed below are for our Cycle Track usage and are charged per session:

Adult Prices:

  • Cycle Track Adult:            £5.95
  • Pump Track Adult:           £5.00

Junior* Prices:

  • Cycle Track Child:             £4.95
  • Pump Track Child:            £4.00                   

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