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Children's University

Make new friends and learn new things at Children's University

Children’s University Learning Destinations are places and organisations to which children can “travel” and where they record hours of learning in their Passport To Learning.

Leisure World Colchester, Highwoods and Tiptree are now validated Learning Destinations. This means that if your child brings their CU passport along to an event, eg, children’s swimming lessons or sports courses, then we stamp your child’s Passport To Learning to correspond with the time they have been engaged in the activities. This therefore contributes to your child’s record of achievements and CU certification.

The Children’s University (CU) Trust is a charitable trust that provides 7 to 14 year olds (and 5 to 6 year olds with their families) with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours.

A Passport To Learning has been created, in which children collect ‘stamps’ and hours of accredited learning. This contributes to the award of a national certificate, encouraging them to access Children’s University provision and a wide range of other worthwhile out-of-school-hours learning opportunities.

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