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LEAP Exercise Referral Scheme

Exercise programmes via Health Professional or Self Referral

The Life Enhancing Activity Programme – LEAP – is a scheme for Health Professionals to refer patients to Leisure World Colchester for an activity programme designed specifically for people with health issues.

Patients are also able to self-refer to the scheme for certain conditions

The programme is designed to help people lead a healthier life through exercise. Our qualified instructors will help to find an exercise programme that is suitable for all abilities.

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See below for further information, speak to your GP or contact the LEAP team on 01206 282045.


Individuals can self-refer to the LEAP scheme with the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle and joint problems
  • Back problems
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • High Blood Pressure (borderline or medically controlled)
  • Diabetes (stable/controlled)

Health Professionals

Health Professionals can refer patients to the LEAP scheme with any of the self referral conditions, as well as any of the following:

  • Heart problems
  • Stroke
  • COPD

If you are unsure whether you can refer someone to us please contact us on 01206 282045.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

A free 4-week introduction to exercise course for people with common mental health problems e.g stress, anxiety and depression will be held at Leisure World Colchester.

The first session will be on Friday 5 April, 11:30am to 1:30pm – Open to members and non-members.

To register your interest or to receive more information please fill out the enquiry form and our staff will be in contact to discuss further and to book your place.


Activities / Exercise Programmes

The gym – under the LEAP scheme you can have an individualised gym exercise programme written, based on your individual condition, to follow when it suits you. You will have ongoing support and regular compulsory reviews to ensure you are getting the best out of your exercise plan.

Gentle Spin – Suitable for all abilities. Our gentle cycle cardio session is completed at your own pace using our Keiser Indoor Cycling bikes. A chance to stretch those legs and enjoy the pleasure of cycling in a safe and controlled environment.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Circuit Classes – moderate intensity exercise classes aimed at those who have had heart problems. Whether that is angina or you have had a heart attack or other heart related problems. The classes are aimed at improving your cardiovascular fitness and reducing your risk of having any further heart problems. The instructors are qualified British Association of Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation (BACPR) Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialists.

Osteoarthritis Classes – For those with Knee and hip pain problems including pre and post joint replacement surgery. This is a low intensity exercise class with emphasis on correct joint alignment and posture. Emphasis is on educating you to move in ways that reduce the stress on your joints. This class has had significant benefits for many of its participants.

Lower Back Pain Class – suitable for people with long-term or chronic back problems particularly where muscular and postural imbalances are the significant factor. The class is low intensity and focuses on improving your mobility and posture through a series of simple exercises and stretches. You will benefit from the continuous supervision of a Level 4 Exercise Referral Specialist who will correct your alignment and technique to ensure improved range of movement and posture with minimal risk of pain.

Water Mobility Class – gentle water based exercise class aimed at those people with back and joint problems that find it difficult to exercise on land. It provides a full body workout aimed at improving movement in painful joints without the stresses of weight bearing exercise.

Vascular Rehabilitation Class – primarily aimed at people with circulation problems or breathing difficulties (i.e. C.O.P.D.), although people with other conditions may be suited to the relatively low intensity of the class.


Rosey has suffered from arthritis for many years. In 2013 she had a hip replacement operation, which although successful surgically, saw continuing deterioration in her health. In 2017 she consulted for a knee replacement, but the surgeon told she was too heavy, which coupled with a blood platelets condition would make her surgery high risk. She was encouraged to lose three stone – 20  kilos – for the operation to be viable.


Rosey joined the LEAP programme in October, 2017 to exercise, ref erred by her GP. Her personal, tailored activity has involved Water Mobility classes twice a week and a once weekly gym programme.

“I cursed the consultant when refusing my knee op.”, Rosey readily admits. “But really he gave me a much needed challenge. I was becoming housebound and highly dependent upon my husband”. “Joining LEAP was the best thing I’ve done. I’d never been in a gym, had no idea what to expect. Having lost three stone I’m now able to move much better, feel much better, can get out and about on my own, am independent again. Friends are amazed at how my mobility and health have improved”. 


Asked about on-going goals, Rosey is looking forward to an early knee replacement, ensuring a strong rehab. and continuing to improve her well-being and fitness. “ I’m not being complacent, I want to continue to get healthier”. On-going activities will include suitably progressing exercise activity with LEAP, including adding swimming, and continuing her healthier eating habits developed with Anglian Community Enterprises (ACE) – one of LEAP’s healthcare partners – on their “My Weight Matters” programme.


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