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Welcome to our Activa Gym

Whether you want to tone up, build muscle strength or lose weight, there’s something for you at one of our state-of-the-art Active Gyms. Including cardiovascular and resistance training equipment, improved free weights and a functional training area.

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Functional Training Area

The Functional Training Area adds a new dimension to your training.
This purpose built, high intensity functional workout area includes bespoke flooring and a SYNRGY 360 system, which is the base for a range of HIIT, Core and Circuits classes within the gym.

There is also a variety of lifting racks, with Olympic bars and a variety of plates to complement the existing free weights area in Activa. The FTA is also equipped with TRX bands, a range of kettlebells, jump boxes, battle ropes, punchbag, sledge and flipping tyres.

Personal Training

Our fully qualified Personal Trainers are available to provide advice on workouts, nutrition and diet to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Teen Fitness

Teen Fit under the age of 16 years must have completed a £15 30 minute Teen First PT Induction before access to any fitness regime can take place.

Inductions can be booked (Subject to availability);

  • Term time – 4.15pm Monday – Friday and anytime over the weekend
  • School Holidays between 8am-5pm and anytime over the weekend

Teen Fit are permitted to use: Resistance/Fixed Machines, Cardiovascular Machines (i.e. Treadmill, Bike, Cross Trainer and Rower), Functional Training Area. However they are NOT permitted to use (unless supervised): Any Free Weight equipment (Dumbbells, Barbells, Squat Rack/Platforms).

At all times the responsibility of the guardian is to ensure that any 13 to 15 year olds under their supervision, adhere to the rules and regulations to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Age restrictions apply, please read our Terms & Conditions – Teen Fitness section, to see age restrictions.

Gym Rules and Etiquette

We all play apart in keeping your gym, clean, safe and enjoyable.

  • Equipment must be used correctly – please ask staff for assistance if required.
  • Always ensure the treadmill has stopped before moving to another machine.
  • Management has the right to refuse entry to the facility.
  • Please maintain personal hygiene in the interests of other users.
  • Please try to use mobile phones outside the fitness area when making calls.
  • Limit time on machines during busy periods (20 minutes).
  • Please clean and wipe down equipment before putting it away after use. Do not lean equipment on walls or other equipment.
  • Refrain from using bad language and making loud noise.
  • Do not drop the weights from height Please dispose of any litter.
  • Appropriate attire and footwear must be worn whilst using the gym.
  • Please store belongings in the lockers provided, no items are to be left unattended or in lockers overnight. We take no responsibility for theft or loss of personal belongings.
  • Please respect our staff and other member’s usage of equipment.
  • Please report any equipment damage or personal injuries to a member of staff.

DOSE Challenge

Delve into this month’s challenge, that of a Flow State.

Flow State is when we are completely focused on a single task and experiencing enjoyment from the activity. It can be hard in today’s modern world with so many distractions to take a step back, focus and increase our productivity. But we can, by mastering Flow State and here’s how!

At the heart of Flow State is the brain’s chemical Dopamine, that is associated with pleasure and reward. When we take part in things we find enjoyable or fulfilling, like exercise, our brains release dopamine, creating feelings of satisfaction and motivation. That dopamine plays a pivotal role in regulating our mood, attention and movement.

It’s accessible to everyone, whether you’re engaged in a physical activity, a creative pursuit, or even a simple day-to-day task.

To get you going, we’ve compiled some top tips to help unlock your flow state!

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