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5 Tips for Exercise Beginners

1. Training with a friend

Exercising can be daunting, training with a friend not only keeps you motivated during but can also make you less likely to miss a planned session.

2. Setting realistic goals

Reaching your ultimate goals can take some time, setting smaller goals is a great way to keep you motivated.

3. Warm up!

Make sure you warm up! This is a big mistake for beginners, before each session make sure you warm up to reduce the risk of injury.

4. Be consistent

Sticking to a programme or structure is a great way to see results and can avoid frequent stops and starts.

5. Try something new

A good way to keep motivated is to try new exercise and finding something you enjoy! It doesn’t always have to be a high intensity workout.

If you are struggling to get into exercise our Personal Trainers are on hand to help!

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